Use Curiosity & Courage 

to Shift Competition 

to Collaboration

The Spectrum of Emotions chart will explain where you can go when you extend yourself beyond certain emotional comfort-zones that keep you from achieving your dreams.  If you want to unstick the glue that holds you in old patterns, the Spectrum of Emotions program is for you!

Approach and Results

Experiential Approach


By exploring your full spectrum of emotions in class, you will learn how to access your own inner strengths. You will learn to communicate effectively with yourself first and then with your work teams, your customers, your community groups, your friends, and your family.  You'll have opportunities to practice and share in each class.

learning and growing together

A Pathway to Freedom


Flexibility of emotions is a gateway to experience greater health and ultimate freedom. You will discover where on the spectrum you feel most comfortable and happy. You will also see where you're stuck and need a broader perspective. You'll ultimately gain the power and freedom contained within each emotion on the spectrum.  

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Access your Heart's Wisdom


To access true collaboration, you need to connect heart to heart with your customers.  Curiosity and courage help you explore that emotional connection.  As you explore the "dramas" in your life, you'll begin to see that the challenges you face are but small "irritants of sand" that ultimately create "pearls of wisdom" you can share with your teams and colleagues. 

what's your heart teaching you now?

Who, What, When, Where?



Katherine Ebacher is one of the facilitators of the Spectrum of Emotions to develop a Conscious Corporate Culture. She and her team are based in Cincinnati, OH.  They do live sessions at your location or online sessions using Zoom. 

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