Holistic Strategies to Grow Your Business

CareerHearted is a fun and creative approach to developing a heart-centered business!  This comprehensive training program includes all steps necessary to grow your vision into a thriving career. 

Each step is taught using four learning styles, which promotes your understanding, and offers repetition that builds skill development.  Content is presented by video (visual and auditory), described in a manual (read/write), and applied through a workbook of individual/group exercises (experiential).  You may download these resources for a lifetime of use. 

In addition, group discussion will be facilitated on-line each Wednesday 7:30-8:30 pm ET from January 1/15/20 through 4/29/20.  Katherine Ebacher and  Christi Graeter will co-facilitate to embrace your passion, empower your structured intuition, and cultivate the synergy that is stimulated by exploring diverse perspectives.  The system works!  Katherine and Christi have each participated in CareerHearted training 3 times and together have used the strategies to develop 6 businesses.

You are invited to join our Beta Group at half price ($1898.50), as a strategy to launch CareerHearted in the Heartland.  This "by invitation only" discount is anticipated to be a one-time offer.  And the select nature of our Beta Group will create a synergy that expands everyone's potential.  All we ask in return is your active participation (as you are able) and honest feedback. 

Further information about CareerHearted is available on-line at 

Or you may contact us directly with questions: 

Christi Graeter | 513-368-5937 |

Katherine Ebacher | 513-886-1910 |

We hope that you will join the Beta Group.  Please email or call if you are interested.


CareerHearted is taught on-line by CareerHearted Founder, Jeffrey Goodman.  Weekly group discussions integrate the CareerHearted course content by exploring opportunities to grow your business and develop a thriving career. 

Who, What, When, Where?

2020 CareerHearted Training

 Group discussion will be facilitated online by Christi Graeter and Katherine Ebacher

Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 pm ET 

Jan. 15, 2020 through Apr. 29, 2020

(by invitation only)

To sign up or for more information: 


Christi Graeter | 513-368-5937 |

Katherine Ebacher | 513-886-1910 |